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Don't buy electricity from us. You won't hear that from many suppliers. We want to help our members reduce their bills by generating their own totally green energy from the sun. With highly efficient panels that look great, becoming more energy independent is easier than you think.

From £6,250

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Be part of the clean energy generation

Switch to solar power and reduce your reliance on grid energy prices. The energy you generate from the sun is clean and sustainable, helping to build a greener future. What you don't use in your home can be sold back to the grid.

Protect yourself from future energy price hikes by generating over 4,000kWh a year of your own 100% renewable electricity

Installed with the latest optimisation technology - making your panels safer and capable of generating up to 25% more electricity

Comes with a 25 year power efficiency warranty and estimated lifetime savings in excess of £20,000

Great looking all-black panels, low profile or integrated directly into your roof for a contemporary look

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Looking good, Sunshine

Not only do our solar panels harness the power of the sun, but their fresh, modern design keeps your roof looking great. And even better than that, if your panels generate more energy than you use, you'll get a bit of money back too. Or pair it with a Tonik Battery and use your solar power to keep your lights turned on long after the sun’s gone to bed. They’re not just a pretty face.

A home solar PV system could save around 2 tonnes of carbon per year

The Energy Savings Trust, January 2018

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Bring vitamin D into your home and start feeling the benefits

With only some basic details about your home, we can produce a personalised online quote to help you understand what solar panels can do for you. If you have any questions you can always speak to one of our solar experts. After that the process is straightforward.

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