We can now read over 4 million first generation smart meters

Even the ones that we didn't install. So you don't have to worry about switching suppliers and risking your smart meter going dumb. And if your meter used to be smart, but seems to have lost that ability, don't fear...there's every chance we can speak to that one too! That's what we call smart technology for the switched on.

We love smart meters!

They help our members take control of their energy use, by showing them exactly what they are spending in pounds and pence. That means no more estimated bills or supplying meter readings.

Smart meters submit your readings automatically - let's hear it for more accurate billing and manual readings being a thing of the past!

Be more energy efficient - smart meters can show you where and when you use the most energy. This will help you manage your energy use better.

Smart meters will help enable the smart grid - a whole new way of running our energy networks. We'll be more energy efficient as a nation.