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It's time to take the power back

Tonik Solar gives you more control over where your electricity comes from and what it costs. Start saving today.

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How does it work?

It's a simple process that we'll guide you through step by step

1. Get your estimate benefit

Use our solar benefits calculator to discover your potential savings. Or speak to a product specialist on

2. Get a professional survey

With a £99 deposit (refunded on completion) our installation partner, Phoenix Works, will undertake an extensive consultation, to provide your detailed Installation proposal and new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

3. Proceed with installation

Complete your payment* and Phoenix Works install your panels. And that’s it, you’re ready to generate your own 100% clean electricity straight from the sun

*The final cost of your panels depends on your needs, the available space on your roof, and ultimately, how many you purchase. Get more information on the price of different set ups.

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Our climate is at tipping point

The actions we all take, however small, can help build a better future for everyone. We all have the power to be the positive change we want to see in the world. That’s why we’ve introduced Tonik Solar.

But the benefits to you go much further...

Cheaper, cleaner and more independent energy – all under one roof

Switch on solar today to...

Start saving - Reduce your bills by generating your own clean energy, get paid for what you produce with a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and sell any excess energy back to the grid. Panels help protect you from future grid price hikes too.

Go Green - Make the smart choice to end using dirty power and get locally generated energy to reduce reliance on the aging grid. A typical system saves around 2 tonnes of carbon per year

Achieve independence - Take control of your energy, reduce dependence on the grid and even pair with a Tonik battery to store energy (coming soon). Enjoy the prestige of adopting green tech early

Transform your energy for good. You’re just a few steps away from revolutionising how you receive and use energy. It’s time to switch on.

Start today