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Good things come to those who make greener choices. We're proud to partner with Zoom EV and be part of their EV Driver Benefits Bundle. Together we're making it easier for you to drive an electric vehicle and rewarding you for reducing your carbon footprint - so we're offering you 10% off our home chargers, £60 off our greenest tariffs (£30 per fuel), plus another £40 dual fuel discount if you choose to take both gas and electricity with us. Go green!

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Clean energy for your home and your car

We're offering Zoom EV customers £60 off our greenest tariffs - we're talking 100% renewable electricity, 10% green gas and the remaining 90% gas is carbon offset - so you can reduce your carbon footprint even further!

We'll also give you £40 dual fuel discount in the form of a credit on account, if you choose both gas and electricity with us.

What's more, we'll pay you 3% interest on your account credit.

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Ready, steady, charge!

We're giving Zoom EV customers 10% off a fully installed home charger.

We want to make driving electric vehicles as easy as possible, so we've hand-picked the very best chargers available in the UK right now. All our chargers are installed by our award-winning in-house team, The Phoenix Works. They're rated 5* Which? Trusted Traders and they focus on quality customer service & ensuring you have a quick, seamless, quality & informed installation for your EV charger. 

Because when it comes to home charging, reliability is everything. 

Reduce your carbon footprint even further...

...and be rewarded for making greener choices!

£60 off our greenest tariffs (plus another £40 dual fuel discount!)

10% off a fully installed EV home charger

100% renewable electricity

Switch to Tonik and join the clean energy revolution!


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100% renewable electricity, 10% green gas and 90% carbon offset



We'll take care of the rest

Got the Zoom EV tariff, now want the charger? Get in touch with The Phoenix Works on 0113 815 5366 or email them on cs@thephoenixworks.com, and they'll take care of everything!

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